Magnetica Torri

Magnetica Torri produces advanced technology for the sector of magnetic equipment - magnets and magnetic separator overbelt - and, for over 40 years, magnetic separators for solid products and dusts and Magnetic separators for liquid products (deferrization machines).

Magnetic separator overbelt, electromagnetic separators, electromagnets and magnetic equipment

Magnetics equipment for magnetic separation: magnetic separators, electromagnetics, electromagnetics separator, magnetic plates, magnetic pulleys, magnetic drums, magnetic grading machines enclosed, vibrating electromagnetic filter for dusts, magnetic pipes, magnetic bars and magnetic grids.

All products are advanced high quality equipment: magnetic separator, electromagnet, electromagnetics separator, magnetic plate, magnetic pulley, magnetic drum, magnetic grading machine, vibrating electromagnetic filter, magnetic pipe, magnetic bar and magnetic grid.

Magnetic separators for liquid products: permanent magnetic filters, deferrizating and magnetic coolant filter

Concerning magnetic separators for liquid products, we offer: magnetics filters, gravity type electromagnetic filters, magnetics coolant-filter, slip deferrizating device.

Even concerning magnetic filter, gravity type electromagnetic filter, magnetic coolant-filter, slip deferrizating device and other machineries as magnetic sheet separator, fixing magnet and magnetic broom, we guarantee high quality technology and offer a consultancy service during the entire planning phase.

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Magnetic separators for solid products and dusts Magnetic separators for liquids Other applications

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